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We are Inviting Marketing Partners For local portals of infomedia, Search Directory & Marketplace business model.
About us

India search is a centralized information access system that is publically accessible to anybody anywhere and gives a unique growth platform to business for growth with profitability through online promotion and internet marketing

India search is a venture of Society for Information & Technology of India. It comes under the main project of a society named Searchry. Searchry is a global search directory working online on 200+ countries worldwide.

We are here to maximize the profit of business enrolled with us, while maintaining top rank both locally & globally through our value added products & Services

• Business listing in local portal
• Selling business listing, websites with tools & digital products
• Retain the existing customers
• Building and management sales team
• Up to 50% of revenue on new business
• Up to 25% on renewal of business accounts

Don’t know much about digital marketing or the internet industry?

Do not worry, our sales and technical team will be just a call away to give you the best support and service to handle your clients

Product catalogue:
Sr. No. Product Name Price (pa) Offer Discounted Price (pa)
1 Promotional Website ₹ 12,000.00 50% Off ₹ 6,000.00
2 Brand Website ₹ 25,000.00 50% Off ₹ 12,500.00
3 Websites with tools ₹ 60,000.00 50% Off ₹ 30,000.00
4 Digital Accessories ₹ 80,000.00 50% Off ₹ 40,000.00
And many other products & Services

Income/Earning per month:
Build and manage team of 10 Sales executives, Push each of them to sale 10 product every month of above products on average value of 10,000. Team will collect business of approx. INR 10,00,000 pm (10 IBA x 100,000 pm/per SE).

Investment & Renewal for marketing partner rights:
• Marketing partner fee INR 1 lakh (non-refundable) for 2 years.
• Renewal income for any business account: for 1st year 25%, for 2nd year 25% and 10% after that every year.
• Minimum 600 active business accounts are required in 2 years, otherwise need to pay 1 lakh (non-refundable) for next two years.
• If Marketing Partner failed to maintain 600 active business accounts and will not pay the renewal amount i.e. INR 1 lakh after 2 years, then you will not receive any renewal income and we reserve the rights to appoint new marketing partner.

For more detail feel free to contact us at: info@IndiaSearch.org

Our Business Associates

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Get your Account / Listing

Here we come up with a choice for you to choose between these two type of accounts : Personal(non business) Account and Business Account. Each account has its own features, read and compare for better understanding. This will help you in choosing what kind of account you need to register with us.

Personal / Non Business Account

In this account type you can do any thing as individual
like wall post, reviews business etc...


Commercial / Business Account

In this account type you can promote your business with all posibilies
and wall post, reviews other business etc...